Quality entertainment that engages the whole family,
encourages children, and models traditional values.


Imagine TV programming where every person could sit and enjoy together. Imagine if you could teach families how to take care of their bodies, engage their minds and share feelings all while being entertained. Imagine teaching kids how to deal with deep hurts, loss and sadness without talking down to them. TV programming that celebrates parents and the role a mother and father play in the life of their child. Our goal is a big one; we want to create a new kind of entertainment that is encouraging, hopeful, uplifting.

The Dilemma:

We believe the urgency is now. Currently, people have the most media access than any generation had previously. Technology has brought countries together at the touch of a button. For all this advancement, however, despair, hopelessness and fear looms over families and children. Parental roles are mocked in media, children are forced to make life decisions without family support, and destructive moral behaviours are celebrated in our society. We send out empty good thoughts to people but bash others on social media in the same breath. The need for teaching values is at a critical point. Our children are starving for guidance, support and discipline. Kids are lost with so many choices but no direction. Parents are minimized and the wisdom of the elderly has been discarded.

The Solution:

We need a values reset and it begins the same way it all started, using biblical principles to teach the young. Utilizing the power of media, internet and television to teach values, hope and support through entertainment. Giving young and old common ground through shared entertainment where they can learn from one another and connect. This is our goal at Family Media Factory, to push the boundaries of technology, to entertain and to instruct - all while teaching the values and hope that make life a joy to live.